Go Pro Hero 7

dims.jpgThe Go Pro Hero 7 has just been launched. Many users have been enjoying it so far with the amazing shots the camera takes, the camera allows the user to take pictures in 360 which what not a lot of cameras or even smartphones for that fact allow you to do. The Go Pro camera over the years have received a lot of praise over the years for their camera quality however all this comes at a premium price point of £320 which may put many consumers off looking to buy a good quality camera. Overall the Go Pro Hero 7 is great quality camera packed with lots of features included in the camera, which may not appeal to everyone due to the high price point.


10 thoughts on “Go Pro Hero 7

  1. The go pro is a great camera highly recommend. I recently just purchased this camera got a lot of great shots off the camera you get what you pay for in terms of quality. However would not recommend it to everyone due to the high price point which may put many people off the camera.

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  2. The go pro is definitely a great camera but to expensive for me for a camera as I pretty much take a few pictures here and their which I can do simply on my phone. But for a professional photographer I would highly recommend it.

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